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The hirer agrees, by booking a party via email, phone, facebook messenger, Instagram, completing the booking form, or by any other means, that they accept the Terms and Conditions and all persons using our equipment do so at their own risk.


1. Hiring Charges

1.1. Provisional bookings will be held for 3 days before the security deposit is due. If a deposit is not paid during that time the date will be made available again.

1.2. Bookings are confirmed once a security deposit has been received together with a completed booking form. Deposit amounts: £200 for an igloo, £100 for a bell tent.

1.3. The full balance is due 14 days before the party date. At this time numbers, theme and any extras will be confirmed. After this time changes cannot be made.

1.4. The security deposit will be refunded within 48 hours after the event following inspection of equipment and accessories. 1.5. The cost includes delivery (within a 10-mile radius of SL6 0JZ), assembly, styling and collection on the date agreed. Delivery outside of this radius will be charged at £1 per mile. London congestion charge and off-street parking fees will also be charged if incurred.

1.6. The hire period is as agreed extra nights can be arranged with prior agreement with my glampinmygarden.

1.7. We do everything possible to ensure set up and collect is at the agreed time however delays may occur due to severe traffic problems, road closures or accidents.

1.8. All prices are subject to change however prices quoted at time of booking will be honoured.

1.9. Equipment and themes seen in photography may be subject to change.


2.1. Bookings can be changed up to 14 days before the original date and must be mutual between the customer and glampinmygarden. This is subject to availability of dates and themes already booked.

2.2. Bookings cancelled before 14 days of the party date will result in loss of the security deposit.

2.3. For bookings cancelled within 14 days of the party glampinmygarden have the right to charge the hirer 50% of the total package price.

2.4. In extreme weather conditions or very high winds we will not be able to set up the bell tent or igloo for safety reasons. In this event we will work with you to look for an alternative date.

2.5. Force Majeure – glampinmygarden will not be liable for any Act of God including, but not limited to, violent wind storm, fire, flood, rain or natural disaster, sabotage, government sanction or global pandemic.

2.6. Our Bell tents and igloos are ‘all-weather’ and bookings cannot be cancelled due to rain or cold. (Our bell tents operate between April and October).


3.1. The hirer must be present at the agreed time for set up and pack up of the equipment.

3.2. The hirer is responsible for ensuring adequate space: Bell Tent - The space required per 5m bell tent is a minimum of 7m x 7m of flat lawn (artificial lawn is not possible without alternative anchor points). Please take into consideration the area around the bell tent including pathways, decks and overhanging trees (for height). . Igloo - We need an area of 4m x 4m of flat ground to install an igloo. The igloo dimensions are 3.6m wide x 2.2m high. This can be set up on grass, decking or a patio. The hirer must ensure that the area used to set up any extra equipment (picnic tables, floor cushions, rugs etc) is ready for us. If outdoors the area must be free of any garden furniture, play equipment etc. glampinmygarden are not responsible for the removal of equipment to enable the party to be set up. Any delay in the start time because of this may result in a waiting fee being charged.

3.5. The hirer is responsible for all equipment while in their care. The bell tent and igloo must be in an area that is able to be secured or supervised at all times.

3.6. The set up and take down of equipment must only be performed by a member of the glampinmygarden team member.

3.7 The majority of equipment is water resistant but it is the hirers responsibility to ensure equipment is put under cover if it should rain during the party.


4.1. Any damage to the equipment will result in loss of the security deposit either in part or fully. This includes stains to any of the equipment including teepees, bedding and all soft furnishings.

4.2. If the cost to replace the damaged or missing items exceeds the value of the security deposit an additional invoice will be issued for immediate payment. A breakdown of replacement charges is as follows:

Broken/Damaged Teepee Frame £20

Broken/Damaged/Stained Teepee £50

Broken/Missing Fairy Light £7

Broken/Missing Garland £9 

Broken/Damaged/Marked Breakfast table £10 

Irremovable stain to duvet cover £8 

Irremovable stain to bedding £8 

Damaged/Missing Mattress £15 

Damaged/Missing/Stained Cushion £15

Damaged/Missing nightlight £7

Missing/Stained blanket £7

Damaged wooden tables £45

Damaged/tear/irremovable stains to bell tent £150

Damaged/tear/irremovable stain to bell tent flooring £145 

Replacement value of bell tent £389

Broken/damaged bell tent centre pole £50

Broken/damaged bell tent A Frame £50

Broken/damaged tent guy rope £10

Replacement value of igloo £1,100

Broken dining chair £35 

Damaged/missing outdoor rug £30


4.3. Foods such as ketchup, pizza and chocolate are particularly difficult to remove from soft furnishings and bedding and often leave stains. Therefore, we ask that you avoid eating these in the beds and away from cushions and no chewing gum. 4.4. Any nail varnish that may have been applied is completely dry. If children are wearing any sort of makeup, we would ask that this be removed before getting into bed.

 4.5. Smoking is strictly prohibited in and around the bell tent, igloo and teepees. Firepits and bbq’s are to be kept well away from the bell tent and igloo as this creates a fire hazard and to prevent odour on the equipment. If found then the equipment will all need to be professionally cleaned and will result in loss of security deposit.

4.6. Keep all naked flames away from the equipment and candles supplied are battery operated lights only.

4.7. We kindly ask that pets be kept well away from the equipment at all times. This is to ensure pet hair is not left on equipment causing reactions to those with allergies.



5.1. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that children are properly supervised at all times during the party. The hirer is responsible for the care and safety of all children at the party.

5.2. glampinmygarden are not responsible for the care and safety of the children and cannot be held responsible for any injury caused to a child during the party.

5.3. glampinmygarden accept no responsibility to damage to the hirers home or possessions while hosting a party.

5.4. The heater provided in the igloo & bell tent is used at the hirers own risk and must not be left on overnight.

5.5. It is the hirers responsibility to inform guests accordingly of these Terms and Conditions.

5.6. glampinmygarden have suitable public liability insurance and safety is of the upmost importance to us.



6.1. Please advise us in advance if a child has an allergy to bedding or a particular washing powder so we can discuss options with you.

6.2. glampinmygarden cannot be held responsible for any allergic reactions to either food (eaten during the party), spa products or bedding.

6.3. We use quality products and follow strict hygiene routines.



7.1. It is the hirers responsibility to notify us of any skin allergies if booking our pamper package.

7.2. We only use high quality products and follow strict hygiene routines. We provide a list of products and ingredients prior to the party and liability cannot be taken for reactions or injury sustained during the pamper party or thereafter.

7.3. We cannot accept liability for events outside the company’s control to include hazards, dangers within the home or chosen venue.

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